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For those seeking the 9 day N.L.P.A.A. approved program

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NLP Master Practitioner Certification The duration of the NLP Practitioner Certification training is to be carried out over a minimum of 90 hours of which 59 must be completed over a minimum of 9 days in-person, face-to-face training (not online) and the additional hours can be made up by pre-course, in-course and post-course study in the advanced skills of NLP patterns led by a Certified Trainer of NLP from a recognised trainer. Where post-course study is part of the course, Certification cannot be awarded until all post-course study is complete. A demonstration of ability to identify the following basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP and to utilise them competently with self and others: Integration, mastery & elegance of NLP Practitioner Skills Ability to manage one's own state Ability to do change work with self and others Precision and resourcefulness through all representational systems Ability to track logical levels Ability to seperate process from content about process Ability to establish and maintain rapport Modelling - elicitation, replication, utilisation & transfer Conscious and unconscious embodiment of NLP Presuppositions Sleight of Mouth patterns Change and install strategies Multi-Level communication Meta Programs - elicitation, calibration, utilisation, change & flexibility Values - eliciatation, calibration, utilisation & change Advanced Submodality work Advanced Timeline work Advanced Milton Model And much more!

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