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I'm Candy, your local Trainer of NLP and Hypnosis in Perth, Western Australia. Welcome to elitenlptrainingacademy.com

I am deeply invested in all fields of personal & professional development, and the potential we as humans hold in navigating our best life through powerful inner experiences.

I am passionate about my Aboriginal heritage and supporting my fellow Australians in superseding all expectations. I am also a mother of 2 beautiful children. Being a mother of a special needs child has taught me lessons in resilience and gratitude for the simple things in life. I am always rising above challenges, turning obstacles into opportunities and am forever inspired to keep moving forward.


I am especially passionate about creating breakthroughs with people who strive to be the best versions of themselves. In doing so, they can view themselves as capable entrepreneurs, friends, lovers and families who are living healthy whole lives. 

I love providing people with business tools that allow them to take their business earning capacity to the next level.


I am massively community minded, and consistently curious on human behaviours. I use a system of morals, values and virtues coupled with your inner existing resources to navigate modern day issues.


I provide positive intention and accountability in work and life scenarios. I support people who would like to identify ways in which to invest and apply to oneself fully.

I modify negative thought patterns and replace them with healthier, more congruent and dynamic behaviours and ideas. I work with you to create practical tools to believe in yourself and your ability to adapt to all circumstances.


I absolutely love exploring and discovering an individual's felt passions and purpose. When a person knows their passion and purpose this allows them to feel valued, giving them direction and clarity in life. This is an essential part of improving a person's potential and reducing the effect of the increasing mental health epidemic we are currently experiencing.

My purpose is facilitating emotional intelligence, elevating individuals to find their ability to discover inner happiness, life focus, quality of life and mindset. Here at Elite we modify the limiting beliefs that we keep for ourselves, creating the potential for life to unfold as we plan it. I have the ability to perform therapeutic tools and techniques while utilising your existing unconscious resources to stimulate new neural highways for your success.

Another service I am enthusiastic about is professional development. This includes identifying and working on strengths and weaknesses in individuals and/or teams, while implementing employee wellness programmes. These are not limited to comprehensive coaching and mentoring, but include a team building, management style support, and improving overall work environments.

I became an NLP practitioner when I realised what value I could contribute to society, while continuing to embody honourable attitudes and enjoy my work in balance with a family life. My style has been described as down to earth, professional, compassionate, direct, powerful and graceful. I am excited for you to find out how NLP can transform your life, as it has mine!

Not only do I have access to this amazing resource (NLP) to share with you, but I have also created more processes and resources tailored all my clients' needs. This includes workbooks, coaching sessions, training qualifications, audios, videos, hand outs, activities, tools, resources and much more. I have recently developed a new process to address grief and grieving, and supporting your body to experience this in a healthy and healing way while celebrating the life lost.

Contact me today to find out how I can help. My team and I can also support you with admission applications for ongoing self development training.


Candice Wright
Phone: 0422 086 627

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